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Waves keep the time like my heartbeat

  • nick: oh looky there book 3s been completed
  • nick: should we air it now?
  • nick: nah
  • nick: whoops we leaked 4 episodes onto our spanish site
  • nick: what we gonna do
  • nick: lets release a trailer to make the fans happy lol
  • nick: btw book 3 in 1 week
  • nick: should we promo?
  • nick: nah
  • nick: oh yeah the premier is 3 episodes long and theres gonna be a 2 week break cause america day lol
  • nick: oh and a double episode each week
  • nick: what
  • nick: the fans arent happy
  • nick: oh yeah we forgot to put book 3 online lol
  • nick: and apparently its 'going too fast' holy guacamole were giving the fans their show it should be over soon anyway just be happy ok
  • nick: well ok only 1 episode even though it's gonna air in like 2 days lol
  • nick: btw indefinite hiatus lol
  • nick: wAIT we didnt mean that listen closer next time
  • nick: so u want online? yeah we're gonna stop airing korra and just put it online for the rest of the season, what could possibly go wrong


An @oatmeal fan as The Blerg. Brilliant #cosplay at #nycc. @andrewsmcmeel

oh hey, that’s me!  I never saw this picture :)

"No matter the depth of your love, it does not equate to ownership."

Denise Lovett, The Paradise (via edmundlovett)

The pain that you feel when you think you love someone, the fact that you cannot eat, or sleep, or think about anything else is infatuation, you are in love with the idea of them, you are in love with the endless possibilities that being with them might bring, but the truth is you are not in love. Not yet.


Finally for US fans!!!


New behind the scenes pictures of Ben Daniels in series 2 of The Paradise. Source.


If you’re not watching The Paradise.


Why aren’t you?

What’s wrong with you?

Why not?

Go watch it.

Go watch it now.

I'm a special lover sometimes, but you only touch a ghost. I'm a sycophantic courtier with an elegant repose.

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